Sacred Space MistsSacred Space Mists bottle

The sacred space mists by Soundworks are a synergy of the vibrational essence of sound combined with a specific loving intention and aromatherapy oils, held within mineral water and preserved in brandy. The mists are designed to cleanse and balance the energy in your auric field, as well as in the space you live and / or work in. Use the space mists as often as needed for the following;

For when you feel you need protection from negative energy and situations. This essence is also good as an 'auric shield'. Spray above your head and allow mist to fall over your aura, or spray on hands and direct mist to a specific area as needed. Take care not to spray directly into eyes or mouth.

To encourage abundance on all levels - enough food to eat, clothes to wear, love, health, wealth and happiness.

Love in a Bottle
Envelop yourself in an energy cuddle. This essence is perfect for when you need unconditional love. It is also very good for creating a warm, loving atmosphere in a room.

Male Soul Partner or Male Energy Balance
Female Soul Partner or Female Energy Balance

These two speak for themselves. They work on balancing the masculine or feminine energy within, so you are able to manifest a spiritual soul partner. You can also use them as needed to balance your masculine or feminine energy.

Spiritual Light
This essence puts you in touch with your higher-self, the divine realms and fills you with spiritual light. Perfect for meditation, space-clearing and healing work.

Crystal Bowl Cleanse
Tibetan Bowl Cleanse

These two essences are specifically designed to cleanse the Tibetan and Crystal bowls. Each one is carefully blended for this purpose. Use as needed to balance and enhance the energy of your bowl (Tibetan Bowl Cleanse can also be used to cleanse Tingshas). Spray over your bowl and allow the mist to fall gently around the bowl.

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