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We offer a range of products and services focused on using sound therapy and music to improve health and wellbeing. At the head of our organisation is Lyz Cooper. Lyz has over 30 years experience in the Holistic Health field and started working with sound therapy in 1994 to help her recover from serious illness. Lyz is passionate about promoting the effectiveness of sound and music and has created this portal to bring the different areas of our work together. This field is wonderfully dynamic, creative and accessible – anyone can bring therapeutic sound and music into their life – here are a few examples:

  • Have a few therapeutic tracks on your playlist to listen to in times of stress or when you need to get to sleep
  • Take part in an arts for health and wellbeing activity such as a soundscape or tone poem workshop
  • Join a community music making group such as a drum circle
  • Study to be a professional sound therapist
  • Commission a piece of bespoke music for your company to reduce workplace stress or enhance creativity
  • Join like-minds at a regular relaxation class near you

Dip in and explore – we hope you’ll enjoy your sonic adventure with us! We will be adding exciting new elements to this site so why not sign up or follow us to receive updates.

LifeSonics Relax

LifeSonics Relax®

LifeSonics Relax® brings together the latest therapeutic music known as Consciously Designed Music™ with guided imagery, mindfulness and sound therapy to produce a cutting edge deep relaxation method.

Attend a class or train to be a facilitator.
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British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy (also known as BAST) has won numerous awards for their high quality professional training courses supported by research.

Learn how to use sound, the voice and music to improve health and well-being. Find out more …

MindMu music for sound therapy


Consciously Designed Music (CDM)™ is the term used by Lyz Cooper to describe a synergy of therapeutic sounds and music. Think of it as music with extra ‘sonic vitamins added!

CDM™ draws on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and music psychology.

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