Introducing LifeSonics® the ultimate in relaxation music.


is LifeSonics® ?

LifeSonics® is a deep relaxation programme which improves health and wellbeing using sonic prescriptions for your specific needs. It combines sound therapy, music and mindfulness.

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does it work?

The brain and body respond to sound in specific ways – most of us can relate to being woken with a start by the sound of an alarm, adrenaline coursing through our body. Most people also consider the sound of gentle waves lapping on the shore to be relaxing and birdsong to be uplifting. These responses are well documented – at LifeSonics Relax® we have conducted further research into why certain sounds are stimulating and others relaxing and use these ‘sonic vitamins’ to improve health and wellbeing.


is LifeSonics Relax®?

Lifesonics will be an online platform, available on both desktop and mobile that allows you to listen to your relaxation programme at any time. The maximum benefit from LifeSonics can be gained by laying down with eyes closed. You will be asked a few questions about yourself and delivered a music programme designed for your specific needs. You can listen as many times as you want, whenever you want.


LifeSonics Relaxation Session


often do I need to listen in?

Just like a Yoga or keep-fit session, your mental health and stress management is an important part of general health and wellbeing and so a weekly relaxation session would be ideal, but life can be busy so our recommendation is to listen as often as you feel you need to.


can I benefit from a LifeSonics Relax®session?

Our research has shown that a LifeSonics programme can be beneficial for physical conditions such as pain and muscle tension as well as a host of stress-related conditions. It is now widely known that stress can be the cause of many different illnesses (both mental and physical) and that stress is becoming a world-wide epidemic. With this in mind It is more important than ever to reduce stress as much as we can. Whilst a LifeSonics programme does not replace any medication you are taking, it can be a really good way to support yourself if you are currently undergoing medical treatment (please seek medical advice if you are unsure whether to attend a session or not).

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can I get involved?

This is a cutting-edge relaxation programme which we are aiming to bring to you very soon. Please sign up to receive information of the launch.

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