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By Lyz Cooper

Think of it as music with extra ‘sonic vitamins added! As well as composing music MindMu also conduct research to test the efficacy of the pieces we create for our growing portfolio of clients interested in cutting edge conscious music design.

CDM™ draws on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and music psychology as well as Lyz’s research and development in the sound therapy field since 1994. One of our most well known pieces was ‘Weightless’, a collaboration between Lyz Cooper and Marconi Union. ‘Weightless’ has been a worldwide success with over 9 million streams on Spotify and a Time Magazine Award, coming 11th in the ‘Top 50 Best Inventions’ for 2011.

We can design a bespoke piece of therapeutic music for almost any situation – from calming the nerves of anxious flyers to increasing workplace productivity or creating a piece to promote a product or brand. We can also design sonic logos using formulae to enhance their effect.

Research can be conducted in-house to measure the effect of the music in relation to the aim of the piece created.

As well as bespoke creation we also have some off the peg music for everyday use such as for relaxation or creativity.

All of Lyz’s projects are available to listen to for free on Spotify or can be purchased on iTunes.


Weightless – The Most Relaxing Track Ever

In 2011, Lyz Cooper teamed up with Marconi Union to write a track for the Radox Spa campaign. The piece created by Marconi Union in consultation with Lyz was voted the ‘Most Relaxing Music Ever’ and came 11th out of 50 in Time Magazine’s Top 50 Best Inventions Awards and is still getting media attention today.

Somnus V and Somnus X
Written To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

A therapeutic music track for relaxation

Coming Out Of The Void Part 1 and Part 2
For Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation Track by Lyz Cooper

An emotionally warming, sonic cuddle

Zero Point ft. Lyz Cooper
Making Counting Sheep a Thing of the Past

Research project
Zero Point ft Lyz Cooper – Silence and Air


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), ‘insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical or other occupational errors’. There are also links between insufficient or poor sleep and an increase in depression, obesity, and cardiovascular disease as well as a whole host of other health issues, not to mention the impact on quality of life, relationships and work.
In 2017 the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) called for the introduction of a national sleep strategy and what they referred to as a “slumber number” – the ideal amount of sleep people should be aiming for each night. However, as many of us who have had 8 hours sleep a night will confirm – a night’s sleep is not always a good night’s sleep.

East-London based writing and production duo Silence & Air have been working with Lyz Cooper to create a piece of music specifically designed with the aim of making sleep difficulties a thing of the past.


Over 100 people worldwide took part in an action research study to test the effectiveness of Zero Point. A 27 point questionnaire was used to assess their current quality and duration of sleep and the impact that their sleep has on overall health and well-being, quality of life and work. Each participant was asked to listen to the track over a 10 day period and complete a post-test questionnaire.

  • 42% of participants were reported to have a sleep problem all of the time
  • 45% have a sleep problem some of the time
  • 42% have difficulty switching off their thoughts every night
  • 40% wake up feeling tired every day
  • 28% wake up feeling tension in their muscles every day
  • 13% wake up feeling anxious or stressed every day

This is just a small percentage of factors we are measuring and hope to see these percentages drop after listening to Zero Point over a 7 night period.




Before Zero Point

After Zero Point

Finding it hard to sleep? Listen to Zero Point